OK Pos Z9000

OK Pos Z9000

Industry’s Premier POS Solution for Retailers

Z-POS is an upgraded model of i-POS, which has streamlined slim yet robust as i series. If you are considering of using point-of-sale component at the outdoor shop or food section, Z-POS is highly recommended as its compact size with water and dust proof function. This is strong enough to be maximized for any environment where watery and dusty. Pre-installed on the device will be ECR software. To learn more about the software, please see our software page

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Technical Features

  • Mass storage memory and storage device : DDR3 2GB, SATA320GB 2.5” (5400RPM)
  • Eco friendly design with no noise and low heat
  • Reduced electricity power rate with 4W of ultra-low power consumption
  • LCD panel with water and dust proof function
  • Minimized board damage by applying separable power (AC adaptor)
  • Soft curve and high-glossy exterior
  • I/O Ports placed on the top of the panel allow you easily install and maintain
  • Space for tidy cabling
  • Optional tablet for handheld orders